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Dragons Den Experience for Sixth Formers

Corby Business Academy students stepped into a real life dragons den as they pitted their entrepreneurial wits against students from other Corby schools.

Sixth Form student Ben Young took part and has written a report on the experience:


"At the start of the week  a number of teams of Sixth Formers were charged with creating a new idea or product to be launched on to the market.

"To win the we had to present our ideas in front of some successful local entrepreneurs, who had been briefed to grill and test each team so that they would have to show knowledge and experience of their product.

"Each team had just four days to produce something that would wow the intimidating dragons.

"Everything from the finances of the product, to the marketing and costings, in some cases the actual production of the product, was demanded so it was a really rough challenge.

"During the week, each team at Corby Business Academy was helped by a 'friendly dragon' an expert in their field whose role was to help them improve their idea to its full potential.

"After an in house semi final two teams were chosen to go ahead to the actual final being held at the Holiday Inn, Corby, on Friday, July 5.

"The ideas were a tour guide application for an Iphone and a 'sleepy bean' a travel sleeping bag that rolls down to a minute size.

"At the hotel, each team came face to face with real life entrepreneurs such as Dan Dunham and Ren Kapur.

"After presenting the ideas in front of them, in what felt life a gruelling, nerve shattering final, the deliberating began between all dragons.

"Our team came third and we were praised for our presentation skills and the way we had investigated the product market.

"This experience has demonstrated to myself and the others in my team, our full potential and has broadened our outlook on the future.

"Each school acted truly exceptionally and we as congratulate neighbouring Kingswood School, the overall winners, on their success.

"To be involved in this sort of event has been a privilege and I would strongly advise all other years that if this opportunity comes your way in the Sixth Form then grab it."

 Article by Ben Young - CBA Sixth Form Student