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Photographic Exhibition On Display

A photographic exhibition about the Priors Hall area will be launched at CBA on Wednesday (January 13th).

Paths of Desire at Priors Hall will feature photographs taken by Key Stage 4 students as well as groups of people from the local community.

The exhibition is the culmination of a project by art group Thinkspace, whose aim was to get people involved in thinking about where they live or work and how it is changing.

Thinkspace artists Jo Dacombe and Kate Dyer took four groups of people on a walk across the Priors Hall site adjacent to the Academy. 

Groups of adults walked from Kings Cliffe and from Corby Old Village, and CBA students took two walks from Weldon and Kirby Hall.

The photo (right) was taken by CBA stduent Marc Frew.

"The project at Priors Hall has been a really good one to think about how change affects us," said Jo Dacombe. 

"The Academy is currently surrounded by land suspended between being one thing and another, transforming from a wasteland into a place for housing and a new community.  "This exhibition of photographs compares the land with its surrounding villages, as well as capturing a moment of change which will be fascinating to look back on in a year or so."

Kate Dyer, project artist and professional photographer, said: "The students responded really well to our challenge: although they didn't know the areas we walked through and were not particularly experienced in photography, the resulting photographs provide a considered, interesting and occasionally beautiful record of the journey."

The exhibition will be launched a celebration on Wednesday 13th January from 5.30-7.30pm.  Everybody who took part in a walk will receive a memento "guide book" made by Jo.

The exhibition will continue until 29th January.  External visitors should contact Vice Principal Lorraine Smith to book an appointment to view the exhibition, which will be open from Monday to Friday, from 4.30pm to 6.30pm.

The project was made possible with funding from Awards for All. 

To find out more about Thinkspace projects in Corby, visit