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Connexions Training For Senate

Senate members have been trained in recruitment techniques so that they can sit on internal selection panels.

Youth Involvement worker Marian Anderson from learning organisation Connexions has been putting the students through their paces today as part of the one day training course which accredits students and will allow them to sit on interview panels.

The students will be used internally in the CBA selection process and interview candidates for teaching vacancies.

Year 7 student Amy Moore said: "It has been great fun. I found it really interesting and it was good to have debates about certain issues."

Marian Anderson said: "The training gives the students an overview of the recruitment process and we look at all areas; from devising a job description to issues around equality and diversity and also looking at interview techniques.

"As well as giving students the skills to help in the selection process the training will also help them personally as we look at what employers may be looking for when they themselves come to look for a job in the future."

Connexions is a support service for everyone from 13 to 19 and offers information services, one to one coaching and personal development courses. The Connexions Northamptonshire Partnership involves a wide range of organisations including Local authorities, Youth Services, Learning and Skills Council, Business Links organisations and the Voluntary sector.