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Awards for Learning Outside the Classroom

The Children’s University has been launched at CBA today.

The exciting new learning initiative will see Key Stage 3 students graduate from Northampton University at the end of the academic year.

The university is aimed at accrediting the extra hours that students put in outside the normal classroom environment.

If students clock up 30 hours of extra curricular activity they will receive a bronze award and officially graduate from the Children's University.

In line with this a new series of Session 3 activities has been launched and some existing Session 3 activities have also been accredited.

To launch the event a Freshers Fair was hosted in the library, with each Key Stage 3 year group attending a special session where they were introduced to how the Children's University will operate.

The library also devised a word search and quiz which was linked to University logos that were posted in the central foyer. And a display of staff graduation posters was also put up to inspire students.

Northamptonshire Children's University Manager Nikki Taylor said: "The Children's university is part of a national scheme that was launched in Northamptonshire in September.

"The aim is to raise the aspirations of our young people and recognise and harness the skills that are gained from extracurricular activity. It also about recognising the commitment and dedication of those students who take part in extracurricular activity. And research shows that the students who put time into activities outside of the normal school working hours have a higher level of attainment within the classroom."

So far nine Northamptonshire schools have signed up to the Children's University.

Kirsty Farrar, who is leading the CBA involvement, said: "We decided to introduce the Children's University to CBA because we recognise that it is a way of helping our young students to raise their aspirations.

"We hope that parents will also become involved in the initiative and encourage their children to get involved."

Year 8 student Angelica Ostrowicka said she thought it was an interesting event and plans to go to university.

A total of 15 Session 3 courses have been accredited as part of the university scheme.

A full list will be printed in the forthcoming addition of In Press (which comes out during the half term break).