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Media Student Wins In-house Design Competition

A Year 11 GCSE Media student will see his design grace the cover of the CBA Christmas Concert DVD.

Thomas Thomson beat his fellow students to win the competition which ran last Thursday.

The media students were asked to follow a brief set by Vice Principal Sarah Ashby which asked for a design which reflected the seasonal  theme of the DVD and also was in line with the CBA's image and branding.

Thomas (pictured right) came up with a design influenced by the programme cover, but added his own slant and also included quotes from Dr Campbell about the success of the show.

Thomas said: "It feels really great to have won as I have been using computers since a really young age.

"The final design did not take too long to come up with and I am pleased with the simple design - which is what I was aiming for."

The student is keen on graphic design which will be an invaluable skill as he hopes to become a computer game designer.

Media GCSE teacher Claire Howsam said: "I was extremely pleased with the effort the students put into the task and it has really benefitted them to work from a real brief."

Thomas's design will now be colour printed and inserted into the DVD.

Copies of the DVD for students who took part in the show will be available next week.