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Students Receive Master Class From Radio One Producer

The secrets of broadcast journalism were revealed to CBA students this afternoon at a special audience with one of Radio One's top bosses.

Four students joined contemporaries from other Corby secondary schools to listen to a talk and then take part in a question and answer session with Rhys Hughes - the producer behind the radio shows of big names Chris Moyles, Scott Mills and JK and Joel.

He gave the students honest answers about the future of Radio One and his sometimes difficult dealings with the presenters before providing tips about how to break into radio.

The producer, who has been working at the BBC for the past two decades said: "My biggest tip for anyone looking to break into radio is to be original. People may model themselves on being the next Chris Moyles or the next Zane Lowe, but we are not looking for different versions of existing presenters - we want originality.

He added: "We now look to student radio to find new talent, so I would advise young people to get involved with student radio and learn the craft there."

The event was part of the Radiowaves initiative, which is led by Corby Learning Partnership.

Rebecca Bishop from CLP said: "Since we launched Radiowaves last year it has really taken off - especially in Corby's Primary schools.

"The beauty of Radiowaves initiative is that can be applied across all curriculums and adapted by schools for whatever their needs.

"We have found that students who get involved grow in confidence and also pick up skills that will benefit them in all areas."

The students who attended were Ferne Sweeney, Paige McIlHatton, Casey Cook and Techen Bennet.

After the question and answer session they interviewed the BBC producer for CBA's radiowaves site.

Paige said: "It was really interesting to find out what he does, how he got to that position and how he has a passion for his job."

The next event organised by CLP may be a tour of the  BBC Radio One studios.

Click hereto visit the CBA Radiowaves website.