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Holocaust Memorial Day

Students heard moving stories from concentration camp survivors to mark Holocaust Memorial Day

This event took place at the end of January to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day and was a very moving experience for all students involved.

Year 11 students heard a talk from Bob Norton who was a refugee during the Second World War.

They heard how he had to travel around many different countries to survive being persecuted by the Nazis and how all his family perished in Auschwitz.

Year 9 students listened to a talk by Rudi Oppenheimer, who was a survivor from the notorious Belsen camp.

Rudi told the students how he and his siblings managed to survive but his parents died of starvation.

After the talk students got to ask questions which gave them a chance to develop their understanding of this terrible period in history.

As a follow up to this event, students will create assemblies for key stage 3 and 4 to discuss what they have learned and gained from this experience. Students also have access to the website which has further information on the events of the Holocaust and other recent genocides.

Article by Kirsty Farrar – BHE teacher