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Business Students See Recipe For Success At Cadbury

Business Studies students got a taste of how a major company operates when they paid a visit to Cadbury World.

Eighty Year 9 students took part in last week's Business at Work visit to the chocolate maker's educational centre near Birmingham.

The idea came from the Academy's Young Chamber and it gave the group a chance to look at the company's key areas, such as human resources and marketing.

They were also given an insight into the takeover by Kraft and the affect it has had on the firm.

Business Studies student Chelsea Taylor said: "The Cadbury World trip was a great success. Not only did we have fun but we learnt a lot about business and what the industry is like to work in. When we looked around and saw things for ourselves, we understood exactly what effort goes into big businesses like Cadbury. A lot of students, including me, understand more in our business classes now."

Business Studies Teacher Alex Allan reported that Yvette Taylor, from Cadbury World, said CBA students were engaged and interested to hear about the story of Cadbury World.

The group followed up the visit with an Enterprise Day to look at how Cadbury apply the four Ps - Product, Price, Place and Promotion - as part of its marketing strategy.

They worked in groups to develop and present a chocolate product.