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Great Results From Reading Scheme

A weekly reading competition set up to improve literacy has already resulted in huge improvements in students’ reading ability.

Accelerated Reader pits each Year 8 English class against each other in a battle of the books.
Each class is given time during lesson to read an allocated book - appropriate for their individual ability -  and then students complete a quiz either at school or at home about what they have read.
The class with the average amount of points each week gets a prize and gets to display the trophy in their classroom.
The scheme was introduced three months ago and the overall winner was Teacher Simon Smith's class, who were treated to a trip to the cinema.
During Term 6 Mr Smith's class read 123 books - a staggering 7,328,616 words in total.
Literacy Coordinator Kim Asher said Accelerated Reader has resulted in a huge uptake of library books and in the case of one student, their reading age increased by six months in the space of just four weeks.
Miss Asher said: "Reading ages have improved and it's also promoted reading for pleasure."
In September, both Year 7 and 8 will compete in Accelerated Reader while Year 9s will go head-to-head with readers from the Brooke Weston Academy.
Year 8 student Shannon Miller said: "I like Accelerated Reader because it has encouraged me and others to read more books. I think Accelerated Reader has helped to raise my reading age and it's important to read to get a good education and a good job it the future."