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Henry’s War Memorabilia Sparks Students’ Interest

A student is proving to be a valuable resource in his history lessons thanks to his large collection of wartime memorabilia.

Henry Brady, who is a military history enthusiast, recently brought medic packs, uniforms and a German drinks bottle from World War Two to his class.

Henry, who is in Year 9, was first introduced to military history by his step-grandad and now the two of them attend about six events a year, including re-enactments.

He has also amassed an impressive collection of historical items, including bullets, helmets and shoes from the two World Wars.

Henry said: "We celebrate what people did in the war and we remember the men who were lost.

"I first got interested in military history when I was about five - I think it was the aeroplanes that captured my interest.

"We have been learning about World War Two in lesson and there are still things I don't know."

His collection, which he stores at his house and his relatives', has provided students with a unique opportunity to get their hands on historical artefacts.