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Snakes on a Plane

Well, it was only one snake. And it wasn’t on a plane it was in a science lab. Jordan England, ably assisted by his mum, brought in his pet Royal Python on 25th November.

The students had the opportunity to hold and feed the snake and learn how to care properly for reptiles. Students enjoyed wrapping the  four ft Python around their shoulders for a cuddle and “Eewwwed” appropriately as they tried to feed him a dead rat.

Thank you to Miss England who was very happy to answer any and all questions the students asked about Wee Man’s habits.

In the last two Pet Club sessions we have had dogs from opposite ends of the spectrum to visit. The first was a minature Yorkshire Terrier who was approximately six inches nose to tail. Some students wondered where the batteries went! Jack was brought in by Kieran Durnan and his mum, to let students who are not so sure about dogs get a chance to meet a nice little one.

The second was a Great Dane/Labrador cross called Reggie who was brought in by April Douglas and her mum. Thank you to Mrs Durnan, Mrs Douglas and both students who were ready, willing and able to answer questions and help students to give the dogs treats for tricks.

Article by Neil Price - Science Teacher