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Ghoulish Learning Tools Get French Students Talking

French lessons had a Halloween twist last term when students used some unusual props to help with their pronunciation.

When French Teacher Karen Turney spotted some fake body parts on sale in a supermarket, she couldn't resist buying them to get her class in the mood for October 31st.

Her Year 8 class used the rubber arms, legs, nose, brain, heart and eyes to perfect their speaking skills and the props went down a storm.

Mrs Turney said: "This was an extra lesson to help them with their pronunciation and it was a real success because everyone got involved.

"It was just something a bit novel and unusual which really got them talking."

In another classroom, fellow French Teacher Karen Mayes also used a Halloween theme to spark students' interest in learning a new language.

She played them an orchestral piece called Danse Macabre by French composer Saint-Saëns that has French text.

The poem describes gruesome happenings in a graveyard during Halloween.