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Students Moved By Holocaust Survivor’s Story

A woman who was imprisoned in Auschwitz during World War Two spoke about her experience to students.

Sixty one students visited the Beth Shalom Holocaust Memorial Centre in Nottinghamshire on Saturday, November 20th.

The trip included tours of a typical German home and diary extracts from a young Jewish boy who couldn't understand the hate and trauma in his town.

Students were then given a talk by Iby Knill who told them the story of her childhood and what life was like in the notorious concentration camp.

Sixth Former Sophie Allen said: "Although I was half-expecting the survivor to be still traumatised by the whole event, she still laughed and smiled about certain things.

"I found her personality and behaviour inspirational as she didn't let her past hold her back from a lot of things and she could repeat the same story hundreds of times to keen listeners like myself, without bursting into tears.

"All in all, I really enjoyed the entire experience and would definitely go again.

"It's really opened my eyes to society and how hundreds and thousands of people can be wrong."

Head of Humanities Kirsty Farrar, who organised the visit, said she was proud of the students for going on the trip in their spare time and said the mood on the bus home was solemn.