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Respected Historian Delivers Lecture To GCSE Group

A lecturer gave students a taste of university life and introduced them to 18th century history during a visit to CBA.

Dr Nigel Aston, who works at the University of Leicester, gave a lecture on the downfall of King George III to a group of Year 11s who are taking GCSE History.

He encouraged them to question how history is viewed with present-day opinions and to think about the context surrounding historical events.

The group watched a clip from the film, The Madness of King George, and looked at the differences between medical research then and now, including the role of Christianity and the social and political influences on medical advancements.

Dr Aston told the group: "We have hindsight and we have to try not to judge people - we should get under the skin of these people and develop skills of empathy. That's what historians try to do."

He also spoke to the group about what university lectures and seminars are like.

Year 11 student Mo Maudarbux said: "It was interesting to learn about how they used to deal with things like illness in the past and how it is not just the big events in history that are important."

Charlotte Bean added: "It was good to get an experience of what university is like compared to lessons in school."

Dr Aston, whose professional distinctions include fellowships at Yale University, has for the last 30 years researched the history of religion in western Europe from 1680 to 1830.