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Work shadowing at RS Components

On the 22nd January, six Corby Business Academy students from Year 11, travelled to RS components to complete a day’s work shadowing with our Business Mentors

My mentor is Karl White who is the training manager. He designs and carries out training sessions for people who are beginning a new role in the organisation. He took me to his area and introduced me to his team.

They have a really important job and for it to be carried out by four people just shows us how effi ciently they work.

Karl then showed me how the emailing system works in his company and he said that on average he gets about sixty emails a day. That’s quite a lot!

He then showed me his meeting schedule which was quite packed with different meetings and appointments. In some cases he was to be in two different places at once!

Part of Karl’s job is to design training sessions. As part of this, he designs booklets and leafl ets so that the people on the training sessions can study with ease. Some of the leafl ets looked really snazzy. He then explained that we were to go to Wellingborough School to perform a presentation about giving a presentation. Students at Wellingborough School had a product that they had to sell and Karl explained some tips and tricks to performing a good presentation.
I gained a lot from the experience and had a very enjoyable day.
Dan Buckland – Year 11 student