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Book Of The Term

Book of the Term review is launched in CBA newsletter.

I’m writing this issue’s review but students, staff and parents are invited to submit their own for future editions and you can do this by emailing me at .

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer
Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight has been a sensation in America and the fan hysteria has recently hit this country, with some critics even claiming Bella Swann is threatening Harry Potter’s status as the most popular children’s literature character.

The story centres around the love affair between human teenager Bella and vampire Edward Cullen and the problems and dangers this brings to both of them. The story contains something for everyone: horror, suspense, fantasy and good old fashioned romance. It has also started arguments on various subjects such as feminism, patriarchy, the existence of pure evil and gender stereotypes.

Although it may never win any high literary awards this is a fantastic example of pure escapism and I have yet to meet a reader who hasn’t been totally engrossed.

If you want further proof of its brilliance here are some comments from CBA readers:

“Twilight is a stunning book. It captivates the reader by transporting him to a fictitious world posed as reality. Lines are blurred as humans become vampires without me ever questioning if that is really possible.” Miss Kobosky, Maths.

“I think that Twilight is an awesome book. It is defi nitely my favourite. I definitely recommend this book to anybody who likes a bit of mystery and romance.” Megan Hogg, Year 7.

„Twilight is a book clearly written by a genius. I thank God that Meyer (wrote it) otherwise my life wouldn’t be the same... I was so compelled I barely noticed anything around me. I was striving for more, reading chapters with such ferocity, like the words on the pages were droplets
of water and I was a parched traveller rejoicing as the rain fell on to the dry sand of Sahara.” Julia Komor, Year 7.

High praise indeed! Twilight is, of course, available to borrow from the Library.

Article by Amy McKay, Librarian