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The Senate is a way for students to discuss any issues relating to their Academy.

The Constitution

The Constitution must be looked at yearly and any changes put forward to the Senate, and a vote taken.


The Council has three levels, the tutor group, Year Councils and the Senate. Representatives will be elected yearly and attend meetings.


There will be six Year Council meetings, and six Senate meetings to be held termly. The Senate meeting will be held to discuss issues raised at the Year Council meetings.

Members and their responsibilities

Any student has the right to be a form representative if they get elected.

One male and female from each form will be elected by secret ballot, and  form members each have two votes. The form representative must ask their form of issues to take to the meeting. The representatives must also report back to form any matters that are discussed at the meeting.

Senate Representatives

All form representatives have the right to stand as a Senate member. There must be one male and one female from each year group. The candidate will be selected from an application and interview process. Senate members must work closely with Year representatives.

Year Council and Senate

The Head Boy and Girl are allowed to be on the School Council with both voting and speaking rights.


 All members of the school council, including head boy/girl can stand for election as Chairperson. The Chairperson will be elected yearly.


To hold a Council/Senate meeting 50 per cent of the representatives must be present.

Officers of the Council/Senate

The chairperson will be elected at the start of every year, and will decide the order of the agenda and manage all meetings.

A minute's secretary is to be elected yearly for the school council and is responsible for minutes and giving copies to representatives within one week They are also responsible for faculty notice boards. At Senate meetings the principals PA takes the role of secretary.

The head boy and girl must place articles in the school newsletter and on the main Senate notice board.

Debating Procedure

A motion must be proposed and seconded. Each member is allowed one vote, and a simple majority decides a ballot.


All council members can propose items for the agenda, but these items must be made in writing to the secretary 48 hours before the meeting.


The council can be dissolved if 51 per cent of members feel that it is no longer successful in fulfilling council and student needs.

Vote of No Confidence

A Vote of no confidence in the Senate must be proposed by at least 50 members of the school community and handed in writing to the Chairperson. A total of 66 per cent of votes cast must be for dissolution for it to take place. If the council is dissolved then elections must be held within ten days for a new council.