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September 2012 RE: Double science sets year 10/11

September 2012


RE: Double science sets year 10/11


Dear Parent/Carer


Many parents often wish to support their child through their GCSE’s by purchasing revision guides. However with a wide choice available and prices varying, it can be confusing.


We will be issuing your child with work books published by Oxford University press and we have also purchased the myworks on line homework.

However CGP offers an excellent range of revision guides which, if purchased through the school, cost only £2.75 where they retail at over twice that in high street shops.


The science department would like to offer you the option of purchasing these guides on behalf of students, in order to reduce costs to students and to ensure that they get the correct version of the guide for their course.

If you would like to view the selection please visit the CGP website at


Your child is following the OCR 21st century core and additional courses.


Should you wish to place an order through the school please complete the form below. If you are unsure about anything please ask your child to check with their science teacher.


Please return your request payment by Wednesday 26th September after which the order will be collated. The books usually arrive within 2 weeks. Please do not expect to receive books until after the closing date.


Yours faithfully


E Ponton

Director of Science



Please return slip with payment to STUDENT RECEPTION


I would like to purchase for my child:


Name: ____________________________________________Form _____________


I enclose Cash/Cheque (made payable to Corby Business Academy) for £2.75


Science teacher ___________________________


A Higher level ADDITIONAL revision guide which covers all the units in year 10/11 at a cost of £2.75.

 (A different revision guide is required for year9/ 10)


Signature of parent _________________________________________________