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The curriculum at Corby Business Academy is at the heart of our school’s purpose. It reflects our core values of commit, believe, achieve. Improving educational outcomes is the biggest way we can positively impact our students’ futures. We do this through delivering a broad and balanced curriculum, with high expectations for all students.

We offer a curriculum that is academically challenging, aspirational and effectively designed to teach our subjects’ important core content and concepts, developing a passion for lifelong learning. Here at Corby Business Academy, we believe a successful student will acquire this academic knowledge, but will also become a well-rounded student. We embrace the values of enrichment, careers and citizenship. These values instil aspiration and develop individual students, socially and emotionally.

We aim to deliver a cohesive curriculum narrative across all subjects, that sets out a well sequenced learning journey for our students. Our aspirational curriculum narrative is realised through high quality learning experiences to provide students with outstanding outcomes, whatever their future destinations.

We support students with Special Educational Needs to access the curriculum in a wide range of different ways, please click here for details.

For additional information regarding the curriculum please contact Vice Principal for Quality of Education, Mrs Lisa Hawkins.

We are currently reviewing our curriculum page. An updated page will soon be available.