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Log Off and Learn Day

Firstly, we would like to congratulate our student community for the way they have risen to the  demands of a remote online curriculum. They have worked so hard in the the most challenging of circumstances and we are very proud of them all.

However, these achievements have inevitably led to a significant increase in screen time. This is not an issue unique to Corby Business Academy, but one the educational profession is facing nationally. Whilst our approach to remote learning is blended and broad, we know excessive screen time can have an impact on student health, wellbeing and motivation. To combat this, we are going to introduce ‘Log off and Learn’ days, where a selection of activities will provide opportunities to learn in different ways. Our first day will be Friday 12th February and we aim to feature similar periods of time into our remote education offer for as long as full school closure is in place.

A timetable for the day, together with choice boards of activities provided by subject specialists can be found below. There is one for Key Stage 3 students (Years 7-9) and one for Key Stage 4 students (Years 10-11). For Key Stage 5 students (Years 12-13), subject teachers will be setting up independent non-screen tasks that are bespoke to their subject pathways.

Students should follow this timetable for the day and can choose 5 or more activities that encourage reading writing, creativity and physical activity. It must be stressed that this is not a ‘day off, but a day away from Teams where students can work at a different pace independently and engage with activities they are passionate about. If your child is currently attending school, they also have an alternative timetable for the day and will be working in a variety of different ways too. This timetable can be found below and they can also come to school in sportswear and trainers for this day.


Please click on the image of timetable below that is relevant to you to enlarge it:

                           Home Student Timetable                                               In School Student Timetable


Choices Board

Please click on the button below that is relevant to you to access your Key Stage's Choice Board:


Physical Activities Timetable Booklet - 
Northamptonshire Lockdown League Final week 

Please click on the image  below to open the Physical Activities Timetable Booklet:

Physical Activities Timetable Booklet