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Student Takes Part In Important Consultation Event

A Year 8 student is playing a crucial role in a review exercise looking at how the Country Council carries out consultations with different groups.

Adam Wilson (pictured right), will be making a presentation before County Council staff at the Consultation and Engagement groups showcase being staged at Manning Barn in Northampton.

The student has been selected to deliver a presentation about the Children and Young People's Partnerships Shadow Board.

Adam is a member of the Local Area Board which meets every three months. As part of the forum young people from Year 7 upwards, meet to discuss matters that concern themselves and their community.

From the local area board meetings two young people are then selected to go forward to the Shadow Board, which feeds into the decision making about services the County Council and other organisations (such as the police and Primary Care Trust) deliver within Northamptonshire.

Adam said: "I really enjoy being a member of the Local Area Board and have also attended the Shadow Board.

"It is great to be able to have our say on the issues that affect young people within the area and it is an honour to be making this presentation tomorrow."

Following the presentation, which will be attended by representatives from various sectors, across the county, such as pensioner and family groups, the County Council will re-assess how it consults with county people and organisations.