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Year 9 'Court' In The Act

It was a case of battling their legal wits against each other as Year 9 students took part in a Magistrates court reenaction.

Following on from a second place spot in a Northamptonshire and Peterborough Citizenship competition last term the Year 9 law squad divided into prosecution and defence for the in-house battle.

Barrister Gareth Jacks, from law firm Regency Chambers came in to judge the battle, which after a hard fought tussle of argument and cross examination, was won by the defence.

Charlotte Bean, who played the role of prosecution lawyer, so impressed Mr Jacks, that she has been offered some work experience and mentoring.

The student, who wants to pursue a legal career said: "It was just great. We put so much work into it and it has been fantastic re-creating the role of a magistrates court.

"Experiences like this court case are good for students because it changes the way we learn and interpret different situations and gives us a grounding for careers when we are older."

Kirsty Farrar, Nikki Harrison and Kelly Friel coached the team in the lead up to last terms competition and helped them with some more supervision to polish up their skills for the in house match.

The whole paraphernalia of a court room was represented in the battle, including court reporters and artists, ushers and legal advisors.

Miss Farrar said: "I am so proud of the work the group has put in and what it has achieved.

"Next year they will be teaming up with the sixth formers for some more experience, so that when they come to Year 11 they stand a good chance of winning the competition."