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Reading Scheme Is Launched

A new reading initiative has started across Key Stage 3 today.

Students in Year 7, 8 and 9 spent their tutor time with their head in a book as part of the new Eyes Down initiative.

Three times a week students will spend 15 minutes a day during tutor time reading a book of their choice which they can bring from home or take from the CBA library shelves.

Vice Principal of Communications, Janet Duggan, said: "Eyes Down has been introduced to complement the curriculum, as literacy skills are vital to all subjects.

"We want to encourage students to read for pleasure and it will also break down the barriers to learning that poor literacy skills can impose."

Year 8 student Nicole Bean (pictured left) picked up Ruby Parker: Musical Star by Rowan Coleman.

The avid reader said: "I really enjoy reading and always have a book on the go. I think Eyes Down is a great scheme and it is nice to be able to have peace and quiet during tutor time so that we can enjoy a book."

The scheme  ties in with Accelerated Reader , an online assessment resource  that helps determine a student's level of reading and suggest appropriate reading material.

As part of the scheme students take part in an online quiz after they have finished each book which will monitor their progress and suggest new targets.

In  line with this, all of the books within the CBA library have been colour coded so that students can assess a book at the right level.