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Students In The Fast Lane

High flying Maths students are rewarded for exam success with a behind the scenes tour of a prestigious racing series.


CBA business link Rockingham Motor Speedway invited 15  Year 10 students along to the British Touring car Championships this weekend to meet the big name racing drivers.

The students, who have been in the Maths fast lane, having achieved their GCSEs two years early this summer, met TEAM RAC driver and HiQ MSA British Touring Car Championship leader Colin Turkington  on Friday as he prepared for the weekend's title showdown.


Colin and teammate Stephen Jelley signed autographs and answered questions as the Year 10 completed their whistle-stop tour of the circuit with a visit to the Team RAC BMW garage as they prepped the cars for the big race.


The students also visited Racing Silverline, TH Motorsports and Team Boulevard where they met some of the unsung heroes who work behind the scenes to keep the drivers and their cars on track throughout the season. 

MAIT Vice Principal , Tony Segalini, said: "This was an absolutely fantastic experience. Despite the busy work schedule of their race weekend, the drivers and teams displayed a very impressive attitude in taking time out for our group.

"For the girls it was great for them to see that not every team is all-male with some female crew members in senior positions. Above all, the students have met some excellent role models and I'm sure will be inspired by what they have seen and learnt today."


Rockingham Director Charlotte Orton, said: "We have been working very closely with Corby Business Academy since the school opened, so we were delighted to be able to invite some of the students to come along as our special guests.


"The students can see the circuit from their school and can often hear the different activity on track, but this is probably the first visit to Rockingham for some of the children and hopefully the behind-the-scenes tour has provided them with a memorable day.


"We believe in making motorsport accessible to everyone and by helping to organise visits like these, it is the perfect opportunity to introduce the next generation to motor racing and hopefully pick up some new fans on the way."