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New Science Club Gets Off To An Explosive Start

Students of all Years invited to join exciting new Session 3 club.

Xplode literally started with a bang in week one as pupils investigated what happens when Mentos are added to Diet Coke. 

After a few moments of careful consideration we lined up our bottles of Coke and added the Mentos. The result was a fantastic fountain of bubbles. Our second week saw us making volcanoes out of household chemicals. There was only really one question to answer.

How can we make this explosion bigger?

Future experiments will focus on using your naturally inquisitive nature to explore and investigate the amazing world of Chemistry - you don't want to miss out on exploding Jelly Babies! 

Any students who want to see an interesting side of Science should come to PU3 in PNS at 3.45pm every Thursday. 



Article by Stephen Chandler - PNS Teacher