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Corby Mayor Talks To Students

Cllr Mary Butcher, who is mayor of Corby Borough, dropped into two assemblies to tell students about her role and encourage our students to get involved with local politics.

The mayor, who was invited in as part of the CBA Citizenship programme, told the students the council needed representatives from a younger age group - the average age of a councillor is 55.

She said: "Local politics is about making a difference to the community in which you live.

"it is important young people get involved as the future is in their hands."

After the talk the mayor, who is councillor for the Beanfield Ward in Corby, said: "This is my fifth visit to the academy since it opened and I am always impressed with the students.

"The student senate visited my chamber in July and it was great to hear their views."

The councillor will continue her mayor's duties until May, when another Corby Councillor will be elected to the role.