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Pet Club's New Additions

A new home is being sought for one of the latest editions to the CBA Pet Club.

The Roborovski hamster is two weeks old and science teacher Neil Price, who runs the popular Pet Club, is looking for a new owner for the two week old miniature rodent.

But students should not be disappointed if this one is snapped up fast, as its parents - who live in a cage in Mr Price's science lab- had another litter at the weekend.

So in two weeks time there will be another five hamsters ready for animal loving students to care for.

Mr Price said: "When I bought the two hamsters I was told they were both male, but they soon started mating. Since the start of this term they have had ten babies and I expect there will be many more.

"They make  great first pets as owning a hamster can teach young people about animal care and also how to handle pets."

The Roborovski hamster is indigenous to the Gobi desert and parts of northern china, where they can live up to 2m underground.

Any student who would like to take ownership of the hamster must bring a note from their parent or carer and must be also have a cage to house it.

There is also a £3 charge, which goes towards the feeding and maintenance costs of the other CBA Pets. 

The Pet Club, which meets in Mr Price's lab in PL8, has a whole host of interesting and exotic creatures and mammals, from albino frogs, to stick insects, a piranha and Giant African snails.

Anyone interested in joining the pet club should attend on Tuesdays from 4pm to 4.30pm.