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Councillor Returns to Education

The Academy welcomed an older student through its doors today (October 16) as a county councillor went back to school.

County Councillor Andrew Grant, who as a cabinet member has responsibility for Children and Young People, attended lessons as part of the nationwide Take Your Councillor to School programme.

The  initiative was part of the Local Democracy Week events and aims to promote the role of the councillor and introduce students to the workings of local authorities.

The councillor spent time within each of the Academy's faculties and spent time talking to students and teachers.

Cllr Grant said: "Secondary schools were definitely not like this when I was at school - the Academy makes you want to come back to school.

" The facilities here are just amazing and are really state of the art."

Citizenship teacher Kirsty Farrar said: "We wanted to invite the Cllr Grant into the school as we have taken a very active role in Local Democracy Week.

"We have held a question and answer session with students and  representatives from the local authority, and Corby Council also held its Corby Question Time here on Wednesday evening.

"We have also had various visits from the mayor who has talked about our students playing an active part in the community, which is very important to us here."

The LDW campaign was created in 1998 by the Local Government Association to increase understanding of what happens in a council and reduce barriers between government and young people.