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Students Go On A Heroes Journey

A workshop about aspirations and the issues that affect young people proved to be an emotional but rewarding journey.

Hard hitting issues such as bullying, self belief and image have been looked at and tackled by the Heroes Journey project which has been in the Academy working with Year 8s today (November 12)  and Year 9s yesterday (November 11).

The Year 8 group were joined by a number of students from the CBA Sixth Form as well as sister school Kettering Science Academy.

As part of this the older students took on the role of heroes, and acted as mentors within the series of tasks that made up the day.

Year 8 student Barbara Silva, said: "The morning session was very emotional and I think it brought the whole year group together.

"Friends who may have fallen out in the past have already said sorry to each other so it has been a really worthwhile experience."

Heroes Journey is a programme created by the personal development company Human Utopia.

It tackles the issue of how poor communication can have a negative impact on relationships and aims to empower young person to become enterprising by developing personal, social and commercial life skills which enhance their life chances.

Founder member Carlo said: "Human Utopia is about transforming cultures. We go into schools and make staff and students think about who they are at the moment and the barriers they may face, but then to really think about aspirations.

"The feedback we have had has been incredible, and so we have had an impact that hopefully will go on to last."

Following on from this week's workshops students from Year 8 and 9 can volunteer to become heroes themselves and will go into other schools and help younger students  look at emotional issues.

Teacher John Atkinson said he thought the sessions were awe inspiring.

He said: "The Human Utopia team were able to touch on topics that as teachers, we may only touch on at a certain level. It encourages some students to look at how they behave within school and to think about making changes."

To visit the Human Utopia project, where there are images of the recent workshops click here.