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Personalised Communication System On Its Way

A new personalised information technology service is being launched in the New Year.

 CBA Central will go live in Term 3 and will add a new dimension to the information channels here at the Academy.

The new feature will give students information relevant to their year group and there will also be a separate area for staff.

After consultation with students it has been decided that the desktop will display information such as lunch times, daily menus, bus time tables and the relevant news of the day.

Other exciting features will allow students to book their late buses through the computer network and there will also be an online voting system so that students can have their say on important issues.

Vice Principal Sarah Ashby said: "This is a very exciting development to our information system as it is cutting edge use of communication systems - which will also reduce the number of emails sent around (especially for staff).

"It will be an extension of the information that we display on our website, but it will be more immediate, so when students log into the computer network they will be presented with information that is relevant to them that day.

"For example, it can be used by staff to post details of coursework deadlines, or important events unusual to the normal timetable."

Year 10 student Morium Atker, who was involved with the consultation and proposed the idea for  the online late bus booking  system, said: "It will be great to be able to log onto our computer and see all the relevant information for the day ahead."