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Parents Endorse The Academy’s Standards Across The Board

The results of a comprehensive survey delivered to parents and carers during Term 2 have shown that a very large majority of parents are extremely pleased with the educational standards being delivered at CBA.

Commissioned by the CBA Governing body, the survey looked at all aspects of the Government's Every Child Matters agenda.

The results revealed our parents feel the Academy is doing its best for their child in areas such as learning, development, safety and health.

The vast majority of the 250 families who responded (97 per cent) felt that teaching is good at the school and that the Academy offers a broad and varied curriculum catering for a wide range of needs.

The success of our Session 3 activities was also acknowledged, as a large majority (96 per cent of parents) thought the Academy provides good opportunities beyond the curriculum. 95 per cent also felt the Academy is ensuring their child is well prepared for the future.

The Academy's strong approach to student safety was also commended with the overwhelming majority of parents (98 per cent) saying that CBA does all it can to make sure their child is safe. This very encouraging feedback follows on from the Academy's endorsement by leading safety charity the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, which named CBA as one of the top three safest schools in the country.

Principal Andrew Campbell said: "Along with the very positive responses from students to a similar questionnaire earlier this year, this valuable feedback from parents is hugely encouraging and clearly shows we are focussed on the needs of our clients.

"The support of parents is crucial for CBA to continue to improve and become a Centre of Excellence in everything we do. We know there is always room for further improvement, but is reassuring and motivating for staff to know our efforts are being appreciated and valued by parents."