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Uganda Update

This year the Uganda appeal has a new team; Sixth Formers Christina Mangin and Chris Usher and John Atkinson of the BHE faculty.

The money raised last year has helped the Discovery Centre in Uganda pursue many projects- one of them being the building of an Information Centre. This year our key objective is to raise enough money for them to further the overall development of the centre and to be able to give the chance for the kids to have an education- something we all take for granted here in the UK.

In order to achieve our goal- we have come up with a series of fund raising events over the next few months- many which you can all get involved in. The introduction of the CBA wristband competition will be already running by the time you read this- the idea is to create a slogan that you would like to see on the bands and enter it.  We are very much looking forward to selecting a winner.

We are also running a Valentines heart, where by the students are able to write messages to one another and we will be delivering them anonymously at tutor time on Friday.

Big hearts cost 50p and smaller ones are 20p. You can buy them from the library or from outside the restaurant on Tuesday and Thursday.

Finally, to give something back to the kids out in Uganda we are appealing for you all to donate your old football t- shirts. A football shirt to the kids out there is like a 1000 Christmas's to any child here in the UK and that impact alone is worthwhile.  They can be any size/ team- this is something you can all do to be a part of this project.  

Remember all the money raised in this appeal goes towards the Discovery Centre in Uganda.

Article by Chris Usher.