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CBA Launches Record Label

The music department has launched its own record label and students will have the opportunity to be signed as artists.

Cobra Sounds (which is short for COrby Business Records Association) has been set up as part of a national initiative which allows schools to establish their own record label.

Students are able to create and publish their own music and can then post it onto the COBRA website where other students can rate the music and also vote for their top five CBA hits.

They can make the music at home, during lesson time or as part of the CBA Session 3 Music Technology Club.

Music teacher Felicity Cornish said: "We are excited about the possibilities Cobra Sounds opens up to students: they can take inspiration from each others' tracks, as well as listening to work uploaded by students all round the country, some of a very high quality. Some students have already received comments on their pages from other NUMU artists complimenting their work, which is fantastic! We are looking forward to seeing the quality of work increase as the artists get competitive!"

Cobra also has the following features:

  • Latest  - all new tracks are listed and can be listened to by other artists.
  • Top Ten Chart - based on how many times each track is listened to.
  • Fresh Five - students are able to vote for their favourite tracks to be featured at the top of the page.
  • National Top Ten - tracks listened to the most will feature on the NUMU homepage in the countrywide Top Ten.

Mrs Cornish said: "The website is a totally safe environment. All content is moderated by Music Department teachers before going live, and users have the choice whether to make their work available to anyone, or just other artists signed up to the label.  Students also create their own anonymous artist name when they join the label."

And today (February 22nd) a competition has been launched to find the most popular track (the one that has been listened to the most).

The winning artists will receive a £20 itune voucher. To log on to hear the tracks visit