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Student Author Has Book Published

A talented Year 11 student has written and published her own novel.

Book mad Sophie Allen spent just three months writing her first novel No Longer Human and after months of anxious waiting received 25 copies in the post on Thursday.

The authoress went down the route of publishing the first draft herself and is now going to send the 250 page novel to the big publishing houses to discover if she can realise her dream of seeing her books among the ranks of top authors in the nation's bookshops.

The student, who is hoping to achieve a B grade in English Literature so she can go on to study English Literature at A level, said: "I have always loved writing, and used to write my own stories at primary school.

"I wrote the novel over the summer holidays last year - it had started with just writing down some ideas that had come into my head.

"It is a science fiction/fantasy type novel and I have been inspired by my favourite authors such as Malorie Blackman and Stephanie Meyer (who wrote the Twilight series).

The novel centres around the teenager girl Sylvia Robinson and her realisation that she is one of a group of people who can read people's minds.

The book charts her struggles with her gift and leads to a dramatic climax in which Sylvia has to make a decision about whether to use her powers for good or evil.

Sophie has planned a sequel, which she will begin writing soon.

She said: "No Longer Human sets up the second book, which is going to be a lot more dramatic. This first book establishes the characters and the sequel will show how their lives develop."

Sophie has distributed the book to parents and friends and is now waiting for their feedback.