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Gladiators Trip

CBA staff member Mark Allen takes on the role of training the Gladiators.

As some of you may have noticed Mr Allen has not been seen in school over this term. That’s because he’s been running around with lots of muscled, super human types dressed in fancy dress Lycra outfits. Or in other words he has been training the Gladiators.

Mr Allen managed to get some tickets for one of the shows, a competition to create a new gladiator game was held and 15 year 11 PE and Media students went down to Shepperton Studios to watch the making of the show.

Hangtough is a game where a gladiator and a contender swing from gymnastic rings over water and the gladiator has to try to get to and pull the contender down. Needless to say the contenders were no match for the Gladiators, and we all joined in the chorus, "da, da, da.... another one bites the dust."

We then managed to watch a little bit of the brutal gauntlet where the contender has to run down a gully while the gladiators use batons and shields to stop them.

Year 11 Dominic Owens was taken by Mr Allen to meet and compare muscles with Atlas. Not a close contest!!

Mr Woolley has to admit that he watches the show (for the benefit of his children!) and went back to watch the grand final being filmed.