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Students Encouraged To Aim Higher

The Aimhigher road show pulled into CBA last week and gave Year 9 students an insight into the education options open to them in the future.

The entire year group attended the interactive event which was about giving students a helping hand in thinking about their plans for the future.

Aimhigher road show facilitator Paul Payne said he was impressed with the positive feedback from the students.

He said: "Year 9 is pivotal point in a student's education, as it is when they will start choosing the subjects that they will study at GCSE level. Therefore at Aimhigher we want to make sure that students think carefully about their choices and begin to consider what career path they might like to follow in the future.

"We provide them with information booklets to take away that will give useful advice and guidance, as well providing basic information about college and university life."

The road show involved a 30 minute interactive information session which students took part in in small groups, as well as a short video.

Vice Principal Avril Bartley-Smith said: "There was good interaction throughout the day with our students who came away considering Further and Higher education and were also more aware that they can aspire to achieving higher."

Student Chelsea Grant said: "I found it really interesting and think it will help me in my option choices."