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Megan On Her Way To Houses of Parliament

CBA student Megan Sherlock has been elected as a Northamptonshire Young MP.

The Year 11 student fought off stiff competition to win the high honour at a special event at the prestigious Northampton Guild Hall last night (March 17th).

The student won the Corby vote and after getting more votes than her Kettering counterpart  she will represent Kettering, Corby and the surrounding villages.

She will be one of four young people who will now represent all the county's young people in parliament - feeding their views, opinions and issues to Westminster in a bid to make a change within their constituency.

Her role (which lasts for two years) will include close liaison with the local MP Phil Hope as well as attending several local and regional meetings, where the young people will come up with strategies to improve life within their area.

Megan is no stranger to winning awards; she lifted the Young Spirit of Corby award last year for her work with disabled young people who attend the Tribes Youth.

The student, who wants to go on to work in social care said: "I am hugely interested in politics and will now make it my job to find out the issues that are affecting my peers.

"I campaigned on the issue of education and employment for young people, as I believe it is important that apprenticeships and training are available for all young people - especially in the current climate.

She added: "I can't believe that I won. When I saw I was up against 18 other people for the position I thought I did not have a chance, so I was delighted when they announced my name."

Megan, who is also a member of the Northamptonshire Youth Forum, collected a huge vote from CBA students, who used the online voting systems set up my organisers Connexions, to register their support for the popular student.

Aspiration leader at CBA Kirsty Farrar said: "Megan is a fantastic role model and inspiration for fellow students.

"She is already involved in the community, but this will be a huge step up for her and will allow her to really gain some incredible new skills."

Year 8 students Ellie MacLeod, Sean Langan and Christina Ogwang also stood in the election.