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Launch of Young Chamber

A Young Chamber has been launched at Corby Business Academy.

The student body will  be responsible for identifying possible business opportunities for the Academy and have close links with the Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce to bring these to fruition.

The chamber met for the first time last week.

BHE Teacher Alex Allen said: "Young Chamber Manager Saline Gendoo-Smith presented to an enthusiastic group of students across all year groups different ways on how they can get involved in Young Chamber, prompting students to think creatively and develop their Enterprise skills." 

The Young Chamber Council will have two representatives from each year but all other applicants will be able to take part in the activities being organised.

 The next meeting will be taking place on Tuesday, March 30th from 3.35pm to 4.30pm, where students will start to form their Council and formalise their roles and responsibilities.  

Students who wish to get involved in Young Chamber should contact Miss Allen.

Further details about the Young Chamber is available at