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Sixth Formers Do CBA Proud at Awards Evening

Three community minded CBA students have been honoured for their tireless voluntary work.

Sixth Form students Carl and Dale Page, and Luke Wardle walked away with top awards at the Northamptonshire Voluntary Youth Action ceremony held at the Guild Hall in Northampton on Friday (March 19th).

Luke won the Art Award for his work at CBA in which he helps run the Rock Club and is also teaching three students the drums and twins Carl and Dale won a special honour - The Above and Beyond award, for the many hours of voluntary work they have done over the last year, for a variety of causes.

Year 11 student Megan Sherlock and Year 9 student Adam Wilson were also nominated for their voluntary work.

Year 13 student Luke, said: "It feels great to be recognised for the work that I do."

Carl, 17, who coaches football at Exeter Primary School in Corby, said: "I just want to show a positive image of young people - that we are not all bad or out on the streets."

And Dale, who along with his brother helped volunteer on the actual night of the awards, said: "We did not even know the award was happening, so when it was introduced at the end of the night we were totally surprised to win."

The students are part of a dedicated army of more than 2,200  Northamptonshire volunteers aged 13 to 25 who contributed the equivalent of more than £87,000 of work for free last year.

Young volunteers from across the county have given up more than 20,000 hours of their free time to help others over the past year.

Megan, who last week was selected as Young Member of Parliament for Corby and Kettering, has given up more than 670 hours so far this year to help disabled people at the Tribes Disability Youth Group at Lodge Park Sports Centre in Corby.

The student, who wants to work within the social care sector, said: "We have to give something back."

NVYA director Christine Morgan said: "These awards prove that young people are not all anti-social bullies off their heads on alcohol and drugs, busy committing criminal acts down at the local shopping centre.

"They show the positive difference young people are making in their worlds and show that Northamptonshire values them and recognises the difference they are making."