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New Vice Principal Charged With Developing the CBA Curriculum

A new Vice Principal has been appointed to continue developing CBA's curriculum to ensure every student reaches their potential as the different year groups progress through the school.

John Henrys began in the new position at the start of this Term and will be in charge of making sure the CBA curriculum allows each student to achieve.

As an Academy CBA broadly follows the national curriculum in Key Stage 3, but has more freedom to introduce learning additional to that required by government guidelines.

Mr Henrys, who will also be teaching within the BHE faculty, said: "We will be re-tailoring the curriculum to ensure that every student achieves their full potential. I will be starting off looking at the current Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 curriculum, and seeing how we can build on the positive comments made by inspectors last term. The goal is to make sure that we are providing quality teaching and learning here at the Academy that stretches, challenges and supports every learner.

Mr Henrys' next task will be developing the curriculum to ensure that as new year groups are admitted to the Academy, the curriculum develops in accordance with the talents of the younger students.

He said: "Our Key Stage 4 curriculum is appropriate for the students we have now, but in a new school each year group is very different and parents can be reassured we are responding to that. It will be my job to make sure we look at each new student individually and then plan ahead for their time in Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and the sixth form. The result will be a personalised curriculum for all students."

Mr Henrys will be working with the individual Directors of Subject to develop the new curriculum offer at CBA. He comes to the role following employment as a Teaching and Learning Consultant for a Local Authority in the West Midlands where he worked with 18 schools, helping them to develop and improve their curriculum and meet government targets.

Mr Henrys, who is a Humanities teacher, has worked within education for 12 years and says he is looking forward to his new role.

He said: "I like the challenge that working in education brings. It is fair to say the goal posts are constantly changing, which is a positive thing as we have to make sure standards are constantly improving."

Dr Campbell said: "I am truly delighted with John's appointment. He was the strongest candidate within an exceptionally strong field for this post and the competition was really tough. John is here to make sure CBA continues to develop the right opportunities for all our learners and I am very confident he will do an excellent job, we are lucky to have him here at CBA."