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Election Fever

CBA students have gone to the polls – along with the rest of the country.

As election fever grips the UK on this final day before the new political colours of the country are decided, Year 10 students took part in their own mini election, as part of their Citizenship studies.

All week the students have been looking at the different political parties and the political process and discussing the consequences of a hung parliament and coalition Government.

And  each student had to vote for the leader of one of the three main parties during a ballot at form time.

However unlike the results of the election proper our students returned a majority party. The Labout party secured 45 per cent of the vote, 31 per cent voted for Nick Clegg's Party, 22 per cent went with David Cameron and 2 per cent exercised their right to spoil their vote.

Vice Principal Sarah Ashby said: "During the week we have looked at various political parties including the smaller parties and particularly at the manifestos and the media portrayal of each party."

 Year 10 student Molly Walker said: "I have found it really interesting. I have found out quite a lot about the actual role of a politician and what each party stands for.

"After looking at each of the manifestos I decided to cast my vote for Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats."