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Young MP Chairs Meeting With Louise Bagshawe

A young MP got some pointers in politics after inviting Corby MP Louise Bagshawe to Corby Business Academy.

Megan Sherlock, who has just finished Year 11, was recently elected to represent the young people of Kettering ad Corby.

To help the Academy's Senate gain an insight into political life, she invited Ms Bagshawe in to spend time with the group and answer their questions.

Megan explained to Ms Bagshawe that as an independent young MP she is not attached to a political party and she outlined what she hopes to achieve in her role, which includes trying to improve the image of young people in the media.

Ms Bagshawe urged her to encourage more young people to vote, telling her: "I'm in a room with very politically-engaged young people and we need to find a way to make more young people in Corby like these students at Corby Business Academy."

Megan and the Senate put a series of questions to Ms Bagshawe, including what inspired her to become a politician, what affect the budget cuts will have on the future for young people and what she thinks of the coalition between the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats.

She was also quizzed on what will be done to tackle falling numbers of those applying for university.

When the Senate asked Ms Bagshawe what changes she will make for Corby, she said: "I want to get more and better jobs into Corby and schools like Corby Business Academy are a big part of that. We need a skilled, motivated workforce and Corby Business Academy is turning out these kind of students. "

Ms Bagshawe told members of the Senate that improving their public speaking will help them in various situations and she gave them tips on how to be more confident when addressing large groups of people.