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Graduation Ceremony Celebrates Session Three Success

Corby Business Academy had the highest number of students graduating from the Children’s University at a special ceremony on Friday.

Students who take part in the scheme gain credits for the amount of Session Three activities they participate in.
To achieve a bronze award, they have to dedicate 30 hours to clubs accredited by the Children's University.
The Academy launched the programme in December and just six months later, 85 students graduated, which was the highest number in the county.
It is a testament to the number and range of Session Three clubs that students can join to widen their learning.
Fifty Key Stage Three students went to the University of Northampton on Friday evening for the graduation ceremony in front of an audience of parents, staff and officials from the Children's University and Northamptonshire County Council.
They donned gowns and mortar boards and went up to collect their certificates.
Aspirations Manager Kirsty Farrar said: "The number of graduates we had is a reflection of how vibrant our Session Three is. Because so many students wanted to graduate, they had to try new things. It's helped to raise aspirations and self-esteem and given them a goal to aim for."
Those who picked up silver awards after dedicating an impressive 65 hours to Session Three activities were Emily Carroll, Jessica Dick, Marcell Peters, Tom Woodward, Danielle Mackness and Ellie Mae Moore.
Some of the accredited Session Three clubs include Animal Club, Animation Club, Battle of the Books and Allotment Club.
Principal Dr Andrew Campbell said: "The fact that so many of our students have graduated is a testament to the thriving community we have at Corby Business Academy and shows how students are broadening their horizons and feeling the benefits of success."
The Academy also had two students performing dance routines as part of the ceremony - Ellie Mae Moore and Roisin Curran.
Librarian Amy McKay and Year 13 student Jordon Joseph went along after playing a big part in helping students to achieve their bronze and silver awards.
Next year, students will be aiming for silver and gold in the challenge to once again come top of the class at the Children's University.