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Who Dunnit?

Students turned detective to solve a murder during a summer camp with a difference.

During the first week of the summer holidays, 15 students from Year 7 and 8 took on the role of police investigators to solve a crime.
They used a variety of skills including team work, problem solving and communication skills to piece together clues and work out who murdered the victim. 
Sixth Formers played the parts of the various suspects and did an excellent job learning their lines and conducting realistic interviews.
They also acted as group mentors throughout the four days to support the younger students; another great opportunity to work on organisation and leadership skills.
Each day took on a different theme and students used specific curriculum areas to help solve the crime.
On day one, the crime scene was analysed, fingerprints were taken and suspects were interviewed. The group set up a crime scene investigation board and studied the clues which included a suspicious fingerprint on a glass, a mysterious Guernica painting, a dubious footprint in spilt soil and many more.
Day two included working in the lab on fingerprint analysis, soil and ink testing. PCSO Alex Franklin spent the day assisting students with their investigation. They also held a press conference to share their findings and updated their crime boards.
Going into day three of the investigation, students used their maths skills to identify the trajectory of the bullet at the crime scene.
On the final day, students cleverly pieced together all of their clues and evidence to present their final conclusions. These presentations were uploaded to RadioWaves and shared with the other students before the real murderer was revealed.  A number of groups successfully pieced together complex clues to solve the crime, which was an exceptional achievement.

Anyone interested in attending a similar summer school next year should speak to Miss Asher, Mrs Farrar or Miss McKay.