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Big Improvements In Provisional GCSE Results

Corby Business Academy is likely to be one of the fastest-improving schools in the county after a major rise in the number of students achieving five A* to C grades in their GCSEs.

The Year 11 students taking their GCSEs this summer were the first to study for two full years at the Academy. 

The provisional figures show strong improvement on last year's results, with over 60% of students now achieving the top grades of five A* to C or more. This is an increase of 20% over the best ever results of the Academy's predecessor school Corby Community College in 2008.

The number of students achieving five A* to C grades including maths and English has improved significantly from 21% last year to 36%.

This is an excellent step forward for the Academy, showing its ability to help students of all backgrounds and abilities aim high and achieve even more. 

Principal Andrew Campbell said the Academy is going from strength to strength, saying:  "We are delighted by the good improvements in our overall GCSE results along with very encouraging performances in English and mathematics which shows CBA is well on track to meet targets set by the government for all schools in 2011.

"On top of these positive Year 11 results it is important to point out Year 9 students performed very well this year and we have also celebrated our first cohort of Year 13 students securing their places at university. Added to these achievements, the Academy's attendance figures have now surpassed the national average. So whichever way you look at it, this has been a very good second year for what is still a new school with many challenges to face."  

The top Year 11 achievers include Nenyasha Mukumbuzi, Jack Warrior,  Karolina Zalewska, Max Champion, Christina Moore and Jonathon Smith who all achieved 14 or more GCSE or equivalent A* to Cs and are all now making plans to continue their studies. 

Jack achieved an A in Maths, five Bs, one C, a Merit in Art BTEC and a Distinction Star in Public Services BTEC.  Jack, who is going to Moulton College next year to study rugby full-time, said: "I'm really happy. I'm most pleased with my English result because I wasn't sure how I'd done after the exam." 

Karolina, who could not speak any English when she arrived from Poland in Year 8, was delighted with her A in Maths, three Bs, three Cs, a Merit in Art BTEC and two Distinctions in Health and Social Care and Child Development. She said: "I was worried about my results but now I'm very, very happy. I'm planning to stay on for Sixth Form to take Maths, Further Maths, Biology and Chemistry." 

Nenyasha said she was over the moon with her A in History, along with another A in English, four Bs, one C and a Distinction Star in Business BTEC. 

As a business academy, CBA was especially pleased with excellent results from students taking work-related subjects. Sixty two students successfully passed Business BTEC, securing a 100% pass rate including 20 distinction stars grades (equivalent to an A* at GCSE) and a further 36 A and B grades.