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Extreme Read Challenge Embraced By Students

Ever tried reading a book while trampolining, swimming or riding a unicycle?

Students at CBA have been doing just that after the Library set an Extreme Reading challenge for the summer holidays.

The idea - which has helped to promote reading for pleasure - was for students to take photographs of themselves reading in extreme locations.
Postcards were sent to all new Year 7s inviting them to take part and Librarian Amy McKay was delighted with the lengths they went to to get imaginative pictures.
Jack Webb attempted a quick read while on the shoulders of someone riding a unicycle, while Georgia MacKenzie was snapped reading in the Saatchi Gallery.
Bethany Carey had her nose in a book while riding a pony and Emma Potter tried to keep the pages dry as she read in a swimming pool.
 Hasnaath Zaman tried to stay focused as he read while jumping on a trampoline.
Other students and staff are invited to contribute their pictures and the results will be on display in the Library with a prize for the photo judged to be the best.