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Year 9 and the Headspace Project

CBA students consulted on plans for the new Corby Library.

On Wednesday, 4th February a group of CBA Year 9 students were invited by Corby Library to watch the play Racytile and were also consulted on the planned Headspace area in the new Corby library.

Corby is one of twenty places in four areas of England, which will have a Headspace. The area, for 11-19’s will be in the new Corby library, situated in the Civic Hub and should open in 2010. Young people will be able to read, listen, surf the web, play games and chill here.

Headspace will be delivered by Northamptonshire Libraries and Information Service in partnership with young people, and will have full input into the design of the new area. One of the most innovative elements of the project is the idea of young people being served drinks and a book of their choice by a specially trained book waiter.

CBA students were asked for feedback about the design and furniture of the new Headspace. Indeed, central to the development of Corby’s new Headspace are the views of local young people. This is a very exciting project for Corby Library and it’s great to think that CBA students are a big part of the planning and development.

The play Racytile was performed by the Shout drama group; a group which involves young people from Corby. The theme of the play Racytile [anagram of literacy] is about a boy who loves to read, but is bullied by his contemporaries for being uncool. As the play progresses, the attitudes of the children change and they want to read books and join the library.

After the play, the students discussed the implications of the play, for example being bullied and called a ‘boff’ for enjoying reading. An excellent idea that was proposed was young people could record books for other young people and could listen to them on their ipods to get them engaged with the world of literature.

If you want to know further information about Headspace here are some useful websites:

Article by Alex Bonner - English Teacher