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Year 7 Student Gets Top Grade In Spanish GCSE

Abigail Buckland has a special reason to celebrate achieving an A* grade in GCSE Spanish – she took the exam four years early.

Abigail was aged 11 when teachers approached her with the idea of sitting the exam, which is usually taken by 16-year-olds.

She and her family had spent two years living in a Spanish village and teachers at CBA felt it would be worthwhile entering her for the exam while the language was still fresh in her mind.

Abigail was eight when her family moved abroad and she couldn't speak a word of Spanish when she started at school.

But with help from a teacher, she soon picked up the language and could speak it fluently within three months.

Abigail's family returned to England so her brother Daniel could take his GCSEs at CBA and he also picked up an A* in GCSE Spanish last summer.

Abigail, who is now in Year 8, collected her results from Principal Andrew Campbell last Wednesday because she was on holiday when the rest of Year 11 picked up their grades.

"I was really shocked - I never thought I would get an A*," she said.

"I had quite a lot of coursework to do before the speaking, listening and reading exams.

"The reading exam was the hardest and I was quite nervous when I was in the room.

"Sometimes the most difficult thing is getting the pronunciation right."

Abigail's mum Debbie Buckland, who works at CBA as a Learning Support Assistant, said they were proud of Abigail's success and how she had thrived at a foreign school.

She said: "We still go on holiday to Spain so Abigail gets a chance to catch up with the friends she has made there."