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A Celebration of Languages

Students have been investigating other countries as part of a week-long project to mark European Day of Languages on September 26th.

It started with an assembly for Key Stage 3 students, when seven members of staff introduced themselves in different languages including Greek and Dutch.

Classes spent time in the library and were divided up into groups to research their allocated language and country.

They looked at the population, the national flag and where in the world that particular language is spoken.

In addition, there has been a languages quiz run by the library with clues on the plasma screens around the Academy and each class took part in a Who Wants to be a Millionaire quiz about a certain language.

Staff have been spotted wearing badges which read: I love languages - do you? in a number of languages.

Language Teacher Karen Turney said: "This was a celebration of all the different languages in the world and the importance of learning languages, particularly for business."