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New Senate Appointed

Students have got lots of ideas to bring to the table now CBA’s Senate for 2010/11 is in place.

Each Senate member had to first be voted on to their year group Forum by their peers.

They then had to write an application to the member of staff overseeing their Forum, outlining why they wanted to get involved with the Senate and what they hoped to achieve.

Staff were impressed with the quality of the applications and members were soon appointed.

The 14 members will hold their first meeting on October 21st.

The Senate members are:

Year 7 - Eve Pavitt and Cameron Murray
Year 8 - Chloe Iliff and Shannon Butler
Year 9 - Joshua Cresswell and Georgia Bainbridge
Year 10 - Luke Reilly and Chloe Hill
Year 11 - Joana Fernandes and Fraser Gillan
Sixth Form (pictured): Sinead Montgomery, Richard White, Ivo Silva and Karolina Zalewska

Changes brought about by the Senate since CBA opened include getting a water fountain in restaurant, a public bus service to the Academy and cross trainers in the Fitness Studio.

They have also organised charity events, interviewed prospective staff, met MPs and other VIPs, hosted events and advised other schools on how to run their Student Voice.

Year 11 Senate member Joana Fernandes said: "I think being in the Senate will give me more responsibility. I will follow the rules and also help others follow them too.

"I want young people to look up to me and I want to make this school proud of me."

In addition, two sub-committees will feed into the Senate - chaired by Year 11 student Nicole Parsons - on restaurant and charity issues.

Students who have been voted to represent their peers on the year-group Forums have signed the CBA Student Voice constitution.

By signing, they have agreed to represent the views of their fellow students in a fair and unbiased manner; to act as role models for their year group; and to communicate to their constituents at all times.